Daniela Park-86a

Daniela has been working in the fitness industry exclusively as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Coach for over ten years. She founded her company Fit Body Integration in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. Her Fit Body Integration method incorporates Personal Training/Lifestyle Change through an integrated approach to Fitness, Nutrition and Mind+Body Balance. She specializes in creating workout routines that are client centered and optimally individualized to meet the specific goals, needs, limitations and personalities of each one of her clients. Even in her group exercise classes she excels at delivering her unique combination of inspiration, motivation, and personalization that allow each participant to feel regarded, challenged and completely absorbed in the moment. Daniela views fitness as a journey that should be enjoyed, respected and incorporated into ones lifestyle. She is a trainer that gets results through the time honored process of motivating her clients to MOVE and put the WORK in rather than relying on quick fixes and gimmicks.

Her mission in fitness is  “not about random movements, routines, or latest crazes.. The Fit Body Integration method is about fully integrating the workout experience; I strive to strengthen not only muscles, but minds too. I teach clients about proper body mechanics , postural and muscle imbalances and we work to correcting them so that they progress through exercise without injury. I talk with my clients about nutrition and healthy whole food choices so that they learn the value of eating well to create a lifestyle that promotes health not just for six weeks but for the rest of their lives. I’m in the business of changing lives and I’m 100% committed to helping my clients achieve their goals. My clients always know where they stand with me and I hold every one of them accountable for their workouts and food choices. I challenge them to believe in themselves as they progress. I don’t supply fads, I train for real lasting results. My clients become empowered and find themselves doing things they never thought possible and THAT makes them happy and makes me a very proud coach.”

Daniela’s passion for movement began at an early age. She began training in dance and gymnastics at the age of three and later went on the teach and choreograph for the Westminster Dance Theater of New Jersey. She received her dance training at Steps, Broadway Dance Center and the Alvin Ailey school in New York City. Her love of dance naturally led her into the fitness industry where she became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2004. She has worked at top gyms such as Equinox Fitness, Manhattan Plaza Health Club and Flywheel Sports. Her client roster is diverse and spans celebrity clients like Jodi Foster and Gloria Steinem to working moms, athletes, teens, seniors and pregnant women. Her latest partnership is with Prime Cycle in Hoboken, NJ where she is head instructor and has created the Prime Cycle Method specifically for the studio. You can train with her there nine times a week and join her signature #FIERCE45 cycling class which is a blend of precision cycling, choreographed upper body sequences and mega motivation that will not only change your body but your mind as well! She has also created Baby BootieCamp, a stroller workout for Mom’s with infants/toddlers, Fit Body Integration Bootcamp, AB:Core, a concentrated core based class. She conducts community health talks on nutrition and fitness and consults with corporations looking to bring health and fitness into the workplace.

Daniela is certified through American Council of Exercise for Personal Training and Corrective Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition, Pilates Institute America for Pilates Matwork, Spinning Certified, and AFFA for Group Fitness. Her specializations include Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Pre/Post Rehabilitation Training, Pilates and Core Training, Sports Specific Conditioning, Body Fat Loss and Dance.